Embrace Your Senses

The real exclusivity of our hotels is their inclusiveness. Like an embrace. A welcoming and enveloping embrace, never intrusive. As the very refinement is, today, coming back to the Essence: of things, of places, of emotions

(Guido Guidi - Founder)

Enchanting venues with an outstanding address. Where everything is tailor-made. With bespoke designs. Authentic and elegant venues. Real microcosmos to enjoy. For The Begin Hotels hospitality is an art form, an ancient tradition that is reiterated with time. Its boutique hotels give values a new lease of life, shaped to new contexts, new needs and wishes. Sophisticated balances, like the ones between a desire to get away and seek protection, between experimenting with new worlds and feeling right at home. An embrace that knows exactly how to be discrete and gentle. Just like a butterfly. A relationship which, despite being highly professional, is far from cold and standard. Here, nothing is sterile, everything is familiar. Spontaneous. Because hospitality always involves the pleasure of serving, the curiosity of discovering and being discovered, the desire to convey a Story. Genuine and authentic.

Our Hotels

a new experience of hospitality

The Begin Hotels is a mini chain of boutique hotels, resorts and luxury villas situated in prestigious European locations. Based on a refreshed idea of travel experience, we combine the luxury of living a good life with the traditional concept of hospitality.


taking care of your desires

Strutture dotate di ogni comfort, di un nuovo concetto di Lusso senza tempo con personale altamente qualificato e grande attenzione alla valorizzazione del territorio.

Our properties are equipped with every comfort and have a modern timeless luxurious feel delivered by highly qualified staff and a strong focus to our region's development.
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